Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1000 posts

I got to my 1000th post which is special for me, becasue I was on the forums Jan-the forum blackout and April

But since I noticed 50 posts later I'm going to have the party for my 1111th post becasue 11:11 is a lucky time so why not make it a lucky post count 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Another simself

I've decide I'll wait at least a month to update this one XD

 Now I have to update some banners '-_-
P.s. If you haven't noticed sim blog is gone I'll just use the lame sims 3 site studio
This time I added the subtle freckles I have if you look closely :) found a skin that defines my nose properly without making me look boyish

Go download meh right here

Check the pictures the site auto gives you for finding cc in sites that can't give direct links 
CC:  Anything unlisted is basegame
Hair is Anubis
Everyday Accessories: Necklace by peggy, Bracelet by liana , Formal necklace by lemonleaf
Clothes: Everday by Carriesims, Formal by Lorandia , Sleepwear by Lili, Athletic shorts by lili, Athletic top by Liana, Athletic tights(couldn't find best guess would be parsimonious, but they download with sim)
Makeup: Eyeshadow by emmzx @MTS  Lipstick(Don't know if anyone does feel free to say, probably one of lemonleaf's)
Freckles by Ladyfrontbum 
Skin by Heiret

Thursday, August 26, 2010



Weeeee I am so excited to use it,
It's installing as I type :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Holy canolli pancake


Thank you guys :)

In other news I've decided the picture blog is all done with it's fix so please do me a favour and go check it out :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My kind of music...XD


The three quest Judge positions for striking have been fillled :)
Pringle's pictures is almost done I just need to think about how I want the banner.
I got a deviantART Link up top check it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

In need of guest judges

As the final rounds come close Striking Modeling is in need of guest judges!
Only important thing is you have to have slight judging experience (Min. 1 previous guest judging experience). There is about 2-4 weeks for you to make your decision.

If you would like to guest judge e-mail me at amazing1239_sims@yahoo.ca

That is all :)

P.s I am awesome
Won the third assignment of Temperature
Second time I have ever won an assignment :)

Find the picture on my picture blog, which all that needs to be done is a new banner

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy 100th Page Rexy's Guide

After Cay, Abby, and I raced for it Cay made the first post on the 100th on the famous guide.

Lets have some Ca(y)ke and Balloons!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lame posts are the awesomesauce

I'm currently beginning to re-design 2 out of the three blogs I have :) If you follow the picture blog, each picture gets it's own post so be prepared for a heck of a lot of posts in the dashboard
Considering completely killing the sim blog, I'll figure it out, maybe I'll put a vote on the side.

Speaking of killing I was recently killed off of elegance is sim cycle 3, but I made it to the final four O.O, Holy jeebuz thats good..well for meh.
My final picture may be seen on the picture blog and the good bye speech that I really needed to make due to the fact I was proud of how far I had gotten, and I wanted to express my feelings towards the competition: "I really enjoyed participating this whole time, I've gotten to know some really awesome people, and these people would always knock my socks off each round. The whole competition I was in fourth and below XD so the quiet kid who makes good grades but not the best. I fully don't get how I made it all the way to final four. This was positively the best competition I have been in yet. I am most definitely going to noisily lurk for the rest of this cycle, and I will be back next cycle better than I can be."

Lame post but I have important things like superior assignment one to work on 

I made a picture that just won't end up on the picture blog until I'm done. I was inspired by the song hallelujah. " You saw her bathing on the roof her beauty in the moonlihgt nearly threw ya"
I do not know why someone would bathe on the roof '-_- 
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