Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still don't have the incredioubly dangerous Bieber Fever that fo'sho

I have no clue what the person who made this is talking about ;)

Just kidding I know what the photoshop trolls(OH HAI!) would do ;p

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HOMG! O.O A sparkle

Pringle's first bite:Ahh at last some spare time in like what 3 weeks :p
I am finally writing the First chapter of the Pringl-ings :)
If people had lived down the street they would swear someone had a mental breakdown or something from the noise that emerged from the house.  Of course this had not been the case
Pringle: *screams* OH MY FLAPPERING LEMUR!! Street Clothes are not supposed to be worn to bed, Pj's are, and how can you not have a bed head [reminder to make Eli's sleep hair incredibly funny in the future]
Eli: Well if maybe if a certain someone's game hadn't given me a hooker's street clothes than I would '-_-
Pringle: That is no excuse, at all >.<...I am never coming in to tell you good news ever again.
Eli: Good news, now that, my friend interests me a lot..
Eli: Wait so a prank call, that's the most exciting thing ever, that you had to barge into my room, and tell me
Pringle: *makes voice old* Yes uhmm, could I get like two totally great tickets to like, ummm, that place in, duuuur, China?
...Yes I am totally over 18.....okay but I have someone with me, here's her credit card number
Eli: What the duck Pringle! Your telling people that you're prank calling my credit card number
Pringle: Shh, just please shut up I'm trying to get really great tickets. Yes we don't need anything to eccentric, and also can you make a special note not to serve my friend alchohal. Thanks.....mhhmmm 4:30 is cool cakes..

Pringle: This is exactly why I specifically said no alcohol
Eli: I wasn't offered alcohol once, and didn't stash any on either...I just prefer flying in random clothes.. yaa thats it. I did not get air sick on my other clothes that's fo'sho. So can we just look around now, or do you want to tell me why you brought us here. 
Pringle: No, lets explore thats still mine to know and your to learn.
Making great impressions on others since the day I got WA

After an awesome day of being awkward, and almost being arrested for being intoxicated in public, until they realised we were in fact completely sober, plus I'm a minor and I good kid. It was time for bed, I like being the controller of the game, I get better rooms. Like legit this room had an amazing view from the balcony....

Once we had they awoke the went to find out exactly why they were there. Pringle always has reasons...though they should be questioned...

Photobucket Photobucket
Pringle: I sent us here to learn to fight crime in skanky outfits Eli, we are going to be super heros when we get back trust me :)
Eli: Ya but like why the skanky outfit part
Pringle: Well Eli if you don't remember you and I once talked about how much we loved sailor moon so here we are training to be a real sailor, but just like...Sailor [awesome, ninja] Pringle, and Sailor [not as ninja] Eli. Sailor Pringle and Sailor Eli for short. You know?

Eli: You know what Pringle, you have NO LOGIC!Like this thing is going to perma bruise my eye!
Pringle: you don't understand, bad guys in umm Sunset Valley, and other places you don't know it but I've been following the bad guys with the computers we have!

I know who the bad guy gets to be, but only I >:)
More to come in the future. Hope you Liked it, I'm still figuring some things out
Want Eli in your game, to, umm, do stuff with (???) get her right here
P.s. I want to say I did not switch Eli's clothes to that when we got to China, she just arrived there in that clothing, and left Sunset Valley in normal clothes...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Duuh Wut? "Winner you say?"

Won Temperature
I know it's confusing because I write I was eliminated
Let me explain:
So after I was eliminated, a finalist had to drop due to lack of game, so the spot was given to me. That's how I got back, so then we are all on the cycle 3 sign up thread and Jake(other finalist) just goes I'm dropping and we were all WHAT!?!? so then I won >.<
I'm proud but sad I didn't get an honest win
Want to see all my pictures. You know what I'm going to say, picture blog, under the label temperature :)

This is not only the first competition that I won, but the first competition that I ever even won an assignment (2 in a row to be exact).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Striking Cycle 2 sign ups

It's cycle two, cycle one is not over yet but more is on the page, if this post gets lost in the posts just look up at the top bar

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Funneh words to the americans, normal to me :)

This one is pretty much totally un-known in America, or at least to Minty. A toque is winter hat/winter cap

Washroom! It's not used in America often, most know what it means, but if you don't but it's a bathroom .

And for the record do Canadians really say "eh" too much, becasue my teacher brought it up but I never notices

If I figure out more words I will tell you because it's so fun.
Americans do you have words I would be clueless about?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Story Progression Dumpage

Today while playing the remainder of the first story of Pringle-ings I took some screenshots of the story progression. I'm still waiting for someone's name to come up as the town bike but alas nothing yet.
Also I need more sims for that town only about half is sims I have downloaded the rest are fugly townies. Submit sims!
So here is the story progression dumpage! There isn't lots because I spent lots of time in china.
Oh, and my game sometimes doesn't want to show your pictures 

I don't know why but I think my simself, and others will avoid the hospital for a while >_>

This I can see, but Rexy's profession to me will always be a guru. Dino in a turban coming through!

Of course Random would do this.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Preview/Prologue of: The Pringle-ings

In to the world of no where, you'll come across something so quaint, that not a disturbance could be.
Sunset Valley has a small population, where everyone has talked at least once. Every now and then things go around town, not much happens there really. At least not in the city part  

If you drive up, past town hall, and take a couple turns, you can eventually hit the sign that states the pleasant Good-By from your friends at Sunset Valley!
If you can keep going on, and not get lost the first couple tries

You would come across a long fairly straight road, mostly empty, with no residents, the lawns are kept well and all in all it holds the Sunset Valley's reputation. If you decide to drive just a little farther down the road, for about two minutes, a figure will eventually show up.

A modern house, which goes against the old farmy look of sunset valley. You can't hear hear the loud music, and chaos that goes on until it's just too late.

Et Voila! The preview/prologue of the wonderful Pringle-ings. The first victim to live with me has settled in, and what goes on for their first couple days will be published later today!
The chapter will be entitled something along the lines of my add type brain, and helping us figure out our guest: Oh!!!! I saw a sparkle 
Side notes: The house is by Ravish and can be found here.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh dear! stop me from thinking

So today(as many of you already know) Cay left us for the school year, so as some of you others know, when one of my good simming buddies leave I start thinking of RL (Oh great '-_-)

I want to say this is not my I'm leaving you guys forever note. That comes when I feel I'm ready for it.

As so many of you know my simming is my biggest secret, because of my whole I'm accidentally popular thing(If you don't know what I'm talking about just tell me, and I can explain).

When Cay told us she had to leave because of her house rules, it made me remember last time I left, why I did it and such. I remember the social life I used to have which is rare, I don't have proper social skills and I'm missing out so much of my life. I used to wonder what was going on at the forums at school. I seem so much more addicted than others, but I'm not really, just RL never gets in my way, so I have free time. I don't sim anymore unless it's something quick for the blog, or for modeling, and my life it feels boring, I wake up and say I'm going to make myself a cake face, dress for awesome, text "Morgan" and go to the mall.  I just want to have fun with life and what not, I want to make one new friend each two days  of school this month. I just want to do more stuff I sometimes feel I can't because I have this or that due for modeling and an extension isn't available.  I feel like I'm just in this lame, boring, dark hole. I love to have fun, to run around outside, but I just stopped that. Writing this only makes me want to quit sooner but I won't leave current commitments.

I know once I quit I will keep all these up in case I come back, I will also post on my deviantART as this year I take photography and art.
So I would give it that there are about 2-3 1/2 months of Pringle left to nom on.
I want to wake up,  say today I'm going to do whatever I want to do, I am going to live, and re-bulid my social skills, with the help of someone I told I have social problems to.

For the past week I have been planning my leaving, so really even before Cay said she was leaving I was ready to go Cay just gave me the push to admit it.

I don't know what else I am really going to say until I leave plus, this was a longer post but it's really late so it won't be.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Please be advised this is the only loser rant you will see,  I'm a fairly good sport, but for some reason I have been irked  tremendously. I will delete this post when I get home on monday I just need to vent a wee bit.
Plus the judges never see my blog, and I don't ask for justification, just my thoughts and it's better then venting on the thread.
Please do not judge me as an annoying person either >.<

I am out of temperature, it was a good run, but my assignment just didn't do good.

I don't know why, but this is my most upsetting loss to date, probably because of the comments >.<
This is my picture:
If you look at it you notice everything is cardboard (or at least that's what the people on rexy's thread told me, and what it's supposed to be)

The assignment "One Man's Trash, Is Another Man's Treasure
I've seen this in America's Next Top Model. The model's were assignment a specific type of trash to wear as clothing in a photoshoot.
In this assignment you'll be wearing trash you put together into an outfit. I'll assign each of you one of the following: Plastic, Cardboard, and Trash Bags. Take it into your own kinda world with this one."

My comments which really got me right here. Here they are:
"Your photo was very unique and I liked it, but the downfall is in the assignment I said for the model to be wearing the trash given to them. In your photo, I don't see any cardboard besides the cardboard houses. I'm not sure if the outfit that she's wearing is cardboard or not but it didn't look so to me, so that's why I deducted points. But I honestly loved your photo, it was so clean cut and adorable" and "I like the idea you had... But unfortunately you didn't read what was said very well.. Sad Good Job though :)"
You can only see the details in the full size which I gave to them, but for some reason I feel the judges only looked at the small one

So now I go away for the long weekend(To a place that happens to be VERY relaxing) work really hard on the elegance entry because I will really push myself) and forget this.

Followers can you please tell me if you agree or disagree with the judges I wouldn't get made I just want to know if my cardboard effect really sucked :p  

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New e-mail address

I created a new e-mail address,  I'll still alternate between the new one and the old one for a while until no more e-mail are in the old one.
You can find the link to e-mail in the sidebar over there ------->

That is all
Oh and I've been working on a quick mini story with my simmyself(and possible another person's simmyself too)

Also, new banners everywhere(everywhere is being two places) :B YAY! look at them!

Toxic sludge and Honey, honey

The other day I was creeping around the blog world  and came across this post by Kami about skin care products. She went searching about her skin cleanser and found quite the dirty truth so, I did the same for my skin products(make up too, luckily I don't wear much), shampoo,  and stuff like that.
When it comes to health I'm a wee bit paranoid, so the result for my face wash/cleanser which I use everyday scared me half to death and back.

I use(d) Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser because when I was 7 the doctor recommended it for my super sensitive skin. The first time I read the ingredients was when I was about to use it the other day,(WATER, CETYL ALCOHOL, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE, STEARYL ALCOHOL, METHYLPARABEN, PROPYLPARABEN, BUTYLPARABEN). The ingrediants, This and This got me so darn scared.

A quote from Spirit Demerson(A product analyzer for her online beauty store) on the first website "“Cetaphil does not contain even one single beneficial ingredient and what it does contain is the equivalent of toxic sludge. Whether you think it’s keeping your skin healthy or not, it is absorbed into your bloodstream and research has proven almost all of the few ingredients in it are carcinogenic. I know it’s hard to imagine that washing your face can give you cancer but it’s worth consideration.""

My body wash is also really bad, the following is a small quote from a skincare evaluation website "Rated a Highly Toxic Skin Care Product" , "The Body Wash is a chemical soup",  "There is nothing positive about this product". The following quote really got to me and made me upset..."It is not certified organic and it uses synthetic chemicals that have been tested on animals." But luckily I am only using this half the time and in the summer the rest of the time I use a natural one, with very few chemicals. 

So I officially win idiot of the year, I will be changing all this to better for me stuff '-_-

After researching other things, I found out that even though my shampoo isn't that bad, you can still do DIY kinds that are much better.  Luckily for me my skin creams weren't in any type of danger zone, but does that matter when I have been using a cancer causing agent on my skin forever!

Then I began to research what would work for my hair and skin. Turns out it's stuff I almost always have inside my home. The things that came up the most were: Honey, and Avacado, 
Honey can be used for many different problems, see here
Avacado's benifits/usages can be found here

I've also decided to talk to my parents about letting me go shampooless(which just means making your own with household stuff not washing my hair that would be gross) following something like this, also the ingredients in this "shampoo" will help my troublesome hair type. I plan to speak to them about making my own face washes(mainly with honey) kind of like this or  some of these, my skin is also slightly confusing so I will have to experiment with these (which by the way it's a terrible time to do that because school starts so soon for most of us).

What a pretty rant I have made. So people do some research on what you use, it could scare you ahlf to death and back and make you healthier

I may post about some of the results if my parents agree to letting me go all "home natural".